Peter Mahoney online community expertI’m Peter Mahoney, and I can help you build and strengthen your online presence.

I focus on all the elements that are vital to achieve both engagement and involvement:

  • Your website(s)
  • Core messages
  • SEO
  • Community & Social Networking
  • User experience

I help you build your online community. That’s your audience; clients and potential customers.

Online community is more than just a blog, Facebook page, or forum. It’s the core messages and interactions around those ideas that stimulate action—and if done well, the action is people coming to you for your products and services.

Certainly you want engagement (which is a term bandied about by social network experts the world over) but you also want involvement (investment, purchasing; essentially ROI).

Many of these elements overlap and integrate with each other seamlessly, and this is the beauty of online community, it’s a organic system—grow your business with it.

Grow your business with me.

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Peter Mahoney